Please join us for our in-person service at 9:30am! Kids ministry and nursery are available during the service.

Three accusations levelled at Jesus, one amazing response. This week, Pastor Danny Jones takes us into Mark 3 and looks at the false claims that surrounded Jesus’ ministry, and how we can learn a valuable lesson about our own perceptions of Him and those around us. At the top of the video, we take some time to introduce and pray over our Church Council; then, stick around at the end to hear about our monthly missions focus: Childcare International.

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Please wear a mask during our in-person services while walking around the facility.

In accordance with the government's regulations, masks must remain on while in the building, except while eating or drinking.

If you require additional assistance, please speak to a host.

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Join us on a walk through the Gospel of Mark as we take a close look at the life of Jesus. We believe that Jesus Christ is the centre of everything we do, and that knowing Him better is one of the most important journeys of our lives.

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