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Pastor’s Blog October 29, 2017 “Why now?”
We live in a post-Christian society. Not negative…just a fact. For more than a thousand years, Western Civilization was shaped by Christian values and a belief in truth: that truth could be known and was embodied by Jesus Christ who said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Instead of holding a place of favor and influence, the Church is most often seen as an also ran if it is considered at all.
Sound depressing? It could or the acknowledgement of this sad reality can open doors of opportunity.
People are people. Human beings all have the same inherent needs regardless of the time into which they were born or the part of the world they call home: we need love, a sense of significance, a purpose and answer for “Why am I here?”
I hear people asking the “Jesus question” all the time. It doesn’t sound like “What must I do to be saved?” It sounds like “I am frightened,” “I feel alone,” “I face challenges for which I don’t have answers.”
As Christians, we have the answer to life’s challenges. The question is, do we really believe that?
This Sunday at our local church, we will be sharing our vision and commitment to the Alpha Film Series beginning in January of 2018.
Why now? The simple answer, “Because it’s time.” Time for us to reach out and provide a safe place for people to investigate faith without fear of judgment. It “checks the boxes”: our dedicated ourselves to strengthening community inside to reach the community outside, our leadership teams have discerned our need to emphasize discipleship and training to name a few.
The main answer to the question “why now” is simply this: people need to hear of the life changing power of the Good News: that Jesus is the answer to all our needs.
Please join me in praying now in anticipation of this next great adventure.

Pastor Tom


Includes Alpha Film Series Promo Video. We do not own this video and are sharing it for promotional reasons only.

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