Sunday March 25 Palm Sunday

Pastor’s Blog: March 25, 2018 Easter Week….Holy Week.

Today is Palm Sunday: a day when the Christian Church celebrates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem hailed by shouts of praise and the waving of palm branches acknowledging the Messiah coming to set His people free.
The rub was the very different agenda of Jesus from the excited crowd: many of whom hoped and believed that Jesus would establish His earthly kingdom by ousting the hated Romans in a show of “supernatural” force. Jesus had another agenda. His kingdom was not of this world.
Make no mistake: Jesus was in control of all the events of the week:
• He hepled craft the PLAN: He would come in human flesh to show the Father and be the atoning sacrifice for the sins of the whole world.
• He was clear about the PURPOSE: He said “For this cause I have come into the world.” He knew full well that when He turned to Jerusalem on that fateful Passover, His entrance would set in motion the culmination a series of events that would be of the redemption of mankind.
• He knew the PRICE: He predicted that “the Son of Man” would be betrayed and crucified. Crucifixion was not unknown to Him. He would have seen the brutality of this form of execution up close and personal as a citizen of the occupied territory by the Romans. The PRICE was great but His perfect sacrifice paid the debt we could not pay and making the restoration of relationship with God possible.
• He embodied the PROMISE: He also declared that death could not hold Him and that He would rise from the dead on the third day to prove He was and is God. The only answer to death by an Omnipotent God is life. Jesus burst forth from the tomb of doubt and fear to pave the way to heaven.
So, as we begin Holy Week 2018, let’s join in the acknowledgement and celebration of this most important of Christian holidays. Let’s remember what Jesus did for us. Let’s meditate on His work that made it possible for all the “whosoevers” to have their sins forgiven and their lives transformed.
Pastor Tom

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