Sunday June 3 Life Apps Purity

Sunday June 3 Life Apps PurityPastor’s Blog Life App…Purity June 3, 2018
Apps…a word readily recognizable in the smart phone age. Countless apps work designed on multiple platforms with one purpose: to address a felt need, to help people with the challenges of life in the 21st Century.
Life Apps…a new way of describing principles of God contained in His Word: the Bible. You don’t have to go to the “apps store”. They are freely available to anyone who will take the time to download them from the Bible, understand their purpose and apply them to doing life.
Today’s “free app” for anyone who reads this is PURITY. Purity needs no description. It needs no definition. Purity is recognizable because it just is.
In the natural world, pure or impure is readily recognizable. Anyone can see the difference between pure water and impure water, between pristine and polluted, and between moral purity and impurity.
The latter is more difficult to accept because, well, it touches us all at the base level. A commitment to purity requires a change in how we think and how we behave. And that’s the dilemma. Purity forces us to look deeply inside our souls. And if we are honest, we see that installed in our fallen nature, the virus impurity lurks.
The Apostle Paul identifies this internal war in Romans 7: “The good that I want to do, I don’t do. I do the very thing that I hate. Who will set me free from this law of sin and death (read impurity)?” The only answer is surrender: surrender to the God of purity that has the power and the love to transform us and change the way we think and act. The question? We will install the “app” of His Holy Spirit or try to do this without His help? If allowed, the Holy Spirit searches every file of our life to eradicate and repair the damage done by sin and the influences of our sensuous culture.
The concept is simple. The application requires our willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to change us from the inside out.
Jesus summed it up in Matthew 5: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Seeing God is the outcome of allowing the life app of purity to run in our lives. We will see God.
Pastor Tom

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