Sunday February 10 The Holy Spirit

This Sunday, I continue our series on the Holy Spirit. We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today and that all the gifts, including the vocal gifts of the Holy Spirit are for now and not an end in themselves but given to empower the church (you and me) to make a difference.

I will be sharing why the gift of praying in tongues (a heavenly language) is available to all believers and a powerful way to communicate with God.

You all know me. I am not some flaky or unhinged person. I make sure that what I teach is grounded in the Word of God. I pray in the Spirit (in my heavenly language gift) every day. It makes a enormous difference.

As your pastor, I want to make sure that I declare all that God has for each of us. I know that this can be a “delicate subject” and often comes with a lot of questions and theological baggage. My pray is that we all come with an open mind, heart and spirit to hear what God has made available to us.

I am attaching something I did a few years ago to give you a “head start” about the message. I encourage you to read it through and look up the Scriptures mentioned.

I am believing for a spiritual breakthrough…yes, like what happened in Acts 2 where the church, released in the fulness of the Holy Spirit poured out of the upper room and into the market place: where Peter who once was fearful and somewhat spiritual dull preached a Holy Spirit message that saw 3000 people added to the church.

I am a simple man. I believe that God wants to see people come to faith, be transformed and be released to make a difference. I want our church to grow and expand not due to human endeavor but solely because of the power of the Holy Spirit working through us. I believe that Acts 2 can and needs to happen again.

Holy Spirit, come…

Pastor Tom

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