Post Christian…disaster or opportunity?

Pastor’s Blog February 11, 2018 “Post Christian…disaster or opportunity?”
Post means after.
The world is changing. The world has changed.
Christianity no longer has the status of being the prevailing influence it once was in North America.
Disaster or opportunity? It all depends on our response: will those of us who call ourselves Christ followers rise to the change and follow the example of the Church as seen in Acts?
We say we want revival: are we willing to pay the cost? Side on with the explosion of the church was intense persecution. Satan thinking he could eradicate the message of hope through trying to destroy the infant church actually created the very growth he wanted to eliminate. History reveals that the Church is at its best when purified through the fire of trial.
The message of the Gospel of Good News burst forth in the First Century and blazed like a comet across the sky of paganism and disillusionment with the gods of the Greeks and Romans who seem more interested in frivolity in the heavens than helping humans on earth.
Jesus came to show us the love of the Father. God was no longer a distant deity “out there” but Jesus revealed the God who is present: a God who cared enough for His creation to come to show us Himself and die for our sins. The good news: He rose to show us He can bring life where there is death.
Instead of mourning the death of the influence of Christianity, let’s show the world what Christianity is supposed to be and its life changing message of Faith, Hope and Love.
Let’s silence the critics who declare God is dead and the church irrelevant but revealing a living God through our lives and showing that the message of the church is the answer to the human condition.
Post Christian morphing into Present Christian: the local church…the Hope for the World.

Pastor Tom

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