Sunday March 19 Why I Am Here?

Pastor’s Blog March 19, 2017 “Why I am Here?”
The question, “Why am I here” is the stuff of life. The question itself is an echo of Eden. With the fall brought on by Adam’s sin, mankind lost much, including a sense of eternal purpose. A foundational teaching in the catechisms of church is “What is the chief end of man” and the answer is “To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” That’s a lot to chew on.
Since the fall, mankind has been searching for meaning and purpose. Solomon, purported to be “wise”, chronicles in Ecclesiastes his search for meaning. In the dark parts of the book motivated by a soul that has lost its way, he laments, “All is meaningless.”
He endeavored to fill this void with “wine, women, and song” only to feel more empty in the end. He was, in our words, “looking for love in all the wrong places.” Purpose cannot be found outside of discovering God’s purpose.
Go has a plan and this plan is good.
God knew we would be born and crafted a blueprint in heaven for our fulfillment. Conversely, the enemy of our soul also has a blueprint birthed in hell for our destruction. Which “door” will we choose? And make no mistake, the choice is ours. God gave us a free will and the ability to choose. The challenge? To choose wisely.
Our true purpose cannot be found outside of God. To glorify Him means to live a life of love and meaning. And the rest of the catechism states this type of life is meant for us to enjoy. 1 John 5:2-3 adds to this discussion by saying that we know we have relationship with God because we keep His commandments, and they are not a burden.
I close with this: here at Sunshine Hills Church, we are rediscovering our purpose and renewing our vision. Because any church is made up of people, it stands to reason that the church as a whole will not discover its purpose fully without individuals discovering theirs.
Join me in the quest. Join me in the eternal adventure. The results? Meaning and purpose.
Pastor Tom

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