Sunday June 11 A Heart of Service

Pastor’s Blog June 11, 2017 “A Heart of Worship: A Heart of Service.”
Much of the things of God’s Kingdom are counter intuitive: give to receive, the least shall be the greatest as some examples.
This weekend at Sunshine Hills Church, we continue our series on “A Heart of Worship” and our topic is “Worship through Serving.” We think we know about worship, you know, honoring God. We think we know about serving, you know, doing things. My question is, do we understand that we worship through serving.
Our contemporary North American culture is busy. We “do” a lot of things and the doing often is out of obligation or guilt, neither of which brings life. The words I hear constantly is “I’m so busy…I’m so stress…I don’t have enough time or energy.”
Here’s a counter intuitive thought: you and I can be refreshed as we serve. This requires, are you ready for it, a change of heart, a change of how we view serving.
Psalm 100:2 says this, “Serve (Worship) the Lord with gladness: come before Him with joyful singing.” Worship and service are linked together. And, when you throw in gladness and joyfulness, well, it’s a game changer.
Counter intuitive: we serve as a choice and as we serve, we are renewed and restored and not depleted.
The press of life squeezes the joy out of living. Serving with gladness and worship in joy pours into our lives and God meets us as we serve others.
Pastor Tom

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