Sunday 21 The Two Sides Of Ministry

Pastor’s Blog January 21, 2018 “The Two Sides of Ministry.”
Life is full of challenges. Jesus said, “In this world you have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.”
Life has changes and our response to those challenges greatly impacts the outcome.
The history of the Early Churches recorded in Acts reveals the challenges of growth and how the early Christ followers responded. A careful read reveals that when the Church discovered the Holy Spirit inspired path through prayer and executed the plan with obedience, continued growth and development was the result. You can see these transitional passages in the Acts account that sound something like this, “And the church continued to grow and great favor was upon them.”
Acts 6 tells one such story of challenge and response in detail. One group expressed great concern that the needs of their widows were not being met and that another group seemed to be receiving special treatment. This story shows us the two sides of ministry: both are important…what would be considered overt ministry and the equally spiritual activity of taking care of the business of “waiting on tables.”
Even in the church both then and now, unmet needs created concern and can lead to grumblings that reflect a legitimate complaint. The Apostles heard people’s heart. They investigated the challenge. They responded appropriately and with action. The church grew.
One potential pitfall in this story is thinking that somehow teaching is more important than serving. Another is elevating some ministries and ministers above others when both sides of ministry are essential. Like the human body that the Holy Spirit quickened Paul to use as an example, all the members of the church are important and all the ministries of the church when functioning make it possible for the church to go forward.
Let’s acknowledge, understand and celebrate both the leading and the serving aspect of the church: the two sides of ministry.
Pastor Tom

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