For Young Adults (age 18-25)

The Sunshine Hills Young Adults group is a vibrant group of people who meet once a week for discussion, worship, and, of course, coffee. The Young Adults welcome anyone out of high school, whether or not they are in post-secondary school. Our goal is to create a place where people feel comfortable asking questions and making friends, as well as providing a weekly rest from the stresses of school and work.

When We Meet

We meet once a week on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm for snacks and conversation. The group does more than just sit and listen to teaching, there’s always lively discussion on a variety of subjects relevant to our age group, our culture, and our faith. There are also group games and live music each week.


Throughout the year the Young Adults are involved in many Sunshine Hills events including our annual trips to Mexico (July) and Generation Unleashed (January/February) along with the Young Adults retreat in June. In the summer we host BBQs and play volleyball (among other sports) and at Christmas and New Years we host group dinners and parties.