Who We Are

Student Ministry at Sunshine Hills Church is a place for preteens and teens (Gr. 5-12) to come and experience a community of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. In our Student Ministry we are committed to running weekly events for all of our students, as well as facilitating more intimate times of connection through small groups. We aim to help students grow in their relationship with God and their relationship with others, as well as their relationship with themselves. We do this by providing them with teaching grounded in the Bible, modeling a healthy devotional life, and teaching students how to maintain a healthy spiritual life. We look to create a fun experience for each student that enters into the building. We want to create time to play games, revolve entire nights around themes, and sometimes go a bit crazy. We want students to come in and be themselves as they interact with other students.

What We Do

Friday Nights (Summer): Going to parks around Surrey and Delta to play games, connect together, and enjoy the weather. We will be running from 7pm-9pm. Some weeks we will be together as one group, some weeks we will be split, and other weeks we will be in small groups.  

Friday Nights (In-Person): Every Friday from 7pm-10pm we run events at the church building or off-site. Events such as worship services, games nights, movie nights, swimming, ice skating, etc. We look to create opportunities for our students to connect with our leaders. Either in their small groups or in the large group. Though we are scheduled from 7pm-10pm, we have broken up the night into 2 sections.

  • First part of the night (7pm-9pm) is focused on the event. If there is a theme or specific games, this will be the primary focus of the night.
  • Second part of the night (9pm-10pm) is hangout time. Here we will offer food, set up tables for games, have an active game out for people to do. During this time if people need to leave they are free to without missing any of the scheduled events. But this also gives us a chance to connect with our students.

Each month will feature 2 nights where we are one large group all together, and two events where we will split the group into Senior (gr. 9-12) and Junior (gr. 5-8) grades. For months with 5 Fridays, the fifth Friday will be a night off or a night for the leaders to do something fun together.

Connect Groups: We divide our leaders into pairs and give them 8-10 students as their connect group. From there it is on the leaders to find a night of the week that works for their small group to meet and connect. We encourage our leaders to meet their students at restaurants or parks or peoples living rooms. The focus for these nights is bible teaching as well as build even deeper and more intimate relationships with our students.

2 Year Discipleship Program: This is a brand new opportunity for our grade 11 and 12 students. Taking place on a specified night of the week, this event is separate from our other events. We will be taking the grade 11/12 students through a course that will help them understand the Bible better, challenge their thoughts, as well as get them hands-on experience serving in missions and evangelistic opportunities. Throughout this course our students will also be reading through the Bible and being taught how to build a healthy devotional life. We also look to add a short term missions trip bi-annually to this program.

Retreats: We look to have two back to back weekends to host 2 retreats. One for our senior students and one for our junior students. We will be going out to a building we rent at Stave Lake. There we will spend Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning in times of worship through music, playing games, connecting together, and various other activities.

BC Foursquare Kids Camp

At the end of August each year we partner with our Foursquare Churches in the Lower Mainland for Kids Camp: five fun-filled days of singing, playing, and making new friends. Hosted at Camp Stillwood near Cultus Lake, this camp is always a highlight for our kids.

BC Foursquare Youth Camp

Youth Camp is always the highlight of the year for our teenagers. At the end of August we partner with other churches from the lower mainland to provide five fun-filled days of inspiring talks, passionate worship, sports, group activities, and making new friends. Hosted at Stillwood Camp, near Cultus Lake, this camp is for anyone in Gr. 8-12.

Contact Us

Student Ministry Team Leader Matthew Crowell

Phone: 778.834.6624

Email: studentminshc@gmail.com

Facebook: Student Ministry at Sunshine Hills

Instagram: @studentminshc