Who We Are

These smaller expressions of the larger church fulfill an important part in seeing our In/out commitment become a reality. In: strengthening the community inside to out; reach the community outside.

The purpose of Life Groups: to provide a place of community and safety where each person can grow in relationship with God and others.

Our vision is to create sustainable and relationship-centered lifegroups that move people from understanding what the Word of God says, to believing the Word of God for themselves, to living out the principles of the Word of God in their own lives.

What We Do

Tom and Lottie Gardner’s Group
Meeting at 7936 Redtail Place, Surrey each Wednesday night at 7:30pm. (Contact the leaders: 604.377.9481; tom@sunshinehills.org)

Josh and Heidi Muir’s Group
Meeting at 19913 70 Avenue, Langley (Unit 80) each Tuesday at 6:45pm. This group is kid-friendly. (Contact the leaders: 778.554.7509; heidi_deanne@yahoo.ca)

Danny and Erica Jones’ Group
Meeting at #73 12677 63 Avenue, Surrey on alternating dates. This group is for ages 25-35. (Contact the leaders: 778.240.0810; danny@sunshinehills.org)

Jeff and Jeqn Sneller’s Group
Meeting at 6681 Baker Road, Delta on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. This group is kid-friendly. (Contact the leaders: 604.354.9596; jeffsneller@hotmail.com)

Senior’s Group
Meeting at the church on Wednesdays at 2pm. This group is for mature adults. (Contact the leaders: 604.377.9481; tom@sunshinehills.org)

Don and Tamara Osborne’s Group
Meeting at 11281 Lyon Road, Delta on every other Wednesday at 7:30pm. (Contact the leaders: 604.591.9293; tamaraosborne7@gmail.com)

Contact Us

Pastor Tom Gardner
Phone: 604.594.0910
Email: tom@sunshinehills.org