Who We Are

Hilltop Christian Childcare Center is an integral part of what goes on here at Sunshine Hills Church. With programs for kids of many ages, the center is a touchstone for the community.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you and your family. We hope that your family will have a positive and rewarding experience at our Center. When you enroll your child, you enter into a special “child care partnership” with our staff.

To ensure that your child has a strong sense of security here, it is essential that we work together to establish open communication and a trusting relationship. Hilltop is a non­-profit childcare center; located in Sunshine Hills Church. Our Center is a ministry of the Church and we do implement Christian values in our daily program and routine. As Christians, we believe that all people are valuable and deserving of respect. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of Childcare and to lovingly serve all the people of our community. We are happy to have the opportunity to work together with you and your child(ren) here at Hilltop Christian Childcare Center.

Our vision is to see our children receive the highest quality of spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual care through educated, dedicated, Christian staff and to continue in the work of fostering a deeper relationship between the greater church and Hilltop as a ministry of Sunshine Hills Foursquare Church.

What We Do


Children go through a remarkable range of social emotional stages during the preschool years. We believe that they benefit greatly from being in a loving and physically safe environment as they make their way through these years. We provide guidance, encouragement, and emphasize respect for others. We encourage the children through the steps of problem solving, and always purpose to recognize and value their feelings.

Infant/Toddler Care

Children at this age are starting to discover what they like to do and what they don’t.. Being exposed to a wide variety of materials and experiences is important for their developing minds and key to inspiring them to go further. Our play based program is Reggio inspired and we use our core values: Wonder, Love, Inspire as filters to determine the materials and experiences we are going to provide.

Group Care

Physically and intellectually we provide opportunities for children to wonder about the world around them. We explore our world via being outside, exploring nature, visiting our community, and bringing a wide variety of materials into the center for the children to explore, play and create with.

Out of School Care

We service local elementary schools with drop-off and pick-up of kids from our center. Our after school care area gives kids a chance to relax after a day of class. Here, they play, engage with new friends, and learn through interactive experiences.

Contact Us

Director Tara Tetzel

Phone: 604.594.0910

Website: hilltopchildcare.ca