Become a Volunteer

We desire for everyone to become a vital and active member of this church. Any one of our leaders would be more than happy to help you get involved by having a conversation. Here are some things to be considered in that discussion:

  1. You like what we do and the way we do it.
  2. You are passionate about using your talents and gifts to serve others.
  3. You trust the pastors and leaders and you are willing to follow their leadership as they follow Christ.
  4. You are teachable and willing to be accountable.
  5. You have been a regular attendee for at least three months before becoming involved in a recognized ministry. This gives you a chance to find out who we are and why we do what we do. (There can be exceptions made due to unique circumstances, see the Lead Pastor).

Some ministries have more responsibility and, so, require more training and/or spiritual maturity. We have ministry positions at all stages of a person’s faith journey and desire for everyone who feels called to volunteer or to help out to be able to exercise their gifts. Once you have discovered your passion for an area of service, please talk to the Ministry Team leader of that area. You will be asked to fill out a “Ministry Application” that will help them help you better serve. Also, we provide times that will help you discover your Spiritual Gifts.

Become a Member

You became a member of the Body of Christ (the Church) when you received Jesus as Saviour, (1 Corinthians 12:13). Joining a local church is both Biblical and important. (Acts 2:47 and Philemon 2 show us that local expressions of the greater Body were common in New Testament times).

Formal membership is important because it strengthens the faith community as you stand before God and the people pledging your support.

To become a member, speak to a staff member to begin the process.


You have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and have been baptized by immersion since believing in Jesus as Saviour.

You are supportive of the vision of this Church and you will do everything within your power to make that vision a reality.


  1. To be submitted to the leadership of the church as they are submitted to God.
  2. To be faithful in fellowship (attendance). We would like to see every member serving and a part of the faith community in some way.
  3. To be supporting the church with both tithes and offerings.
  4. To pray faithfully for the leadership, fellow members, as well as for the mission and goals of the church as it furthers the Gospel of Jesus Christ at home and abroad.
  5. To work for the best interests of the church and have an attitude of responsibility towards the growth and development of the Body of Christ locally and world-wide.


If you are interested Contact Pastor Danny Jones