Sunday September 2 The Impact Of The Presence Of God

Pastor’s Blog September 2, 2018 These men had been with Jesus.
Summer Together…The Presence of God…Sunshine Hills Church 2018.
This weekend, I wrap up our journey together and dedication to experience the Presence of God in old and new ways. Through four different voices, we explored the kaleidoscope of the manifold Glory of God…and it was and is truly glorious.
The Presence of God is not limited to when the church gathers or when we worship through music (although that should always be a hallmark of “the church”). The Presence of God is with us always: Immanuel, God with Us. His presence never leaves us and we are called to be light bearers in our person life, our home, our neighborhoods, our places of employment.
I encourage everyone who reads this to be aware of and cooperate with the Presence of God.
My conclusion is that the Book of Acts records that people “took note that these men had been with Jesus.” How? By their actions, their speech, their lives.
The promise is that living in the Presence of God does not stop because Summer Together 2018 concludes. The promise is you and I can be people that all who come in contact with us will say of us “they have been with Jesus.”
Ready for the next adventures in Christian life and witness…

Pastor Tom

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