Sunday September 11 – Vision Sunday

Pastor’s Blog September 11, 2016 In/Out Vision Sunday 2016
Proverbs 29:11 declares “without a progressive vision, the people perish.” So true.
The things we take for granted, things that were once impossible and are now mundane, all started with a vision. Things don’t just happen.
Bill Hybels nailed it with this description: “Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion.” Passion motivates us to pray harder, sacrifice more, exercise more faith.
Vision is not some new concept concocted in the halls of business schools. God is the source of this important part of life. Vision motivates and Jesus painted a picture that changed the trajectory of human history: “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few…pray the Lord of harvest to thrust forth laborers into the fields.” A word picture, a challenge, a possibility as we respond to this vision.
This Sunday, our local church rolls out our theme and supporting goals for this new season: In/out. “Creating community inside to reach the community outside.” Both are important: both are necessary.
Our culture cries out for community even if it does not recognize this human need of belonging. The church at its core is a community of believers dedicated to encouraging each other to grow in their relationship with God and to reach out…there’s that word:out.
Here in 21st Century Canada, church for the most part is not even on the radar, not considered, irrelevant. We commit to changing all that one life at a time as all Christ followers should. Church is not an event but a force for good that like those in the Upper Room that first Pentecost who poured out of their believer gathering into the marketplace with the Good News of the Gospel.
In/out: not just a Sunshine Hills Church calling…the charge of Jesus in the Great Commission!
Pastor Tom

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