Sunday October 7 Grateful

Pastor’s Blog October 7, 2018 Grateful Eyes
Grateful…another of those words we throw around flippantly.
As we here in Canada celebrate Thanksgiving 2018 this weekend, I ask myself “Am I truly grateful?”
Answering this simple question led me on this journey.
We often hear people talk about having a grateful heart. Fair. The Scriptures shaped our cultural understanding of the heart as the seat of our emotions and our true self: we are to cultivate a grateful heart. But this hackneyed expression blocked a deeper search.
So…I introduce a new phrase…grateful eyes.
You won’t see what you aren’t looking for. And what you don’t see, you don’t acknowledge. What you don’t acknowledge, you are not grateful for.
Does your disappointment in the level of God’s provision and blessing blind your eyes from seeing all God has done and is doing for you? If the truth be known, I think we are all guilty. We read about the miraculous provision and deliverance by God for the Israelites during the Exodus and we criticize them for their grumbling and complaining and lack of faith because what is provided is not what they want or expect. Are we any better?
The opposite of gratefulness is entitlement. Without grateful eyes, we see lack. We demand. “What has God done for me lately?” “I deserve.” Do you recognize this internal dialogue? Because we all have a fallen nature, we are hardwired to be selfish and have a sense of entitlement regardless of what generation of which we are a part. Builders, Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials must overcome the poison of ingratitude.
The antidote?
Grateful eyes.
Happy thanksgiving,
Pastor Tom

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