Sunday November 25 Come & See

Pastor’s Blog November 25, 2018 “Come and See!”

Have you ever said to someone “You gotta see this?”
I have…a spectacular play on some sports field or on the ice (Yes, my Ohio State Buckeyes demolished that “team from up north” yesterday), a movie that captures your imagination or tugs on your heart, a sunset painted by God’s own hand. You get the drift.

I have been thinking much about our Canadian “aversion” for sharing our faith…about our PC attitude that says “Everyone has a right to believe what they believe.” This sounds wonderful but think about it like this: let the person who is in a house that is on fire find their own way out, discover that the house is indeed of fire, that their physical lives are in peril. I don’t want to offend them or push my perspective on them.

You say, “That’s silly!”
Is it?

Let me approach this from a different angle. Are you excited about your relationship with Jesus, about gathering together with other Christians when the church gathers? When was the last time you (or I for that matter) was so excited about what Jesus is doing that we excitedly uttered “You gotta see this! You must experience this for yourself!”

Or, have you grown so familiar with the life changing message of the Gospel that you have grown apathetic about your relationship with Jesus. Are you, am I, taking Him and what He has done for us for granted?

The angel on the hills surrounding Bethlehem announced the birth of the Savior. After getting over their terror, the shepherds said, “Let’s go see for ourselves!”

Jesus called Nathaniel to be His disciple. Nathaniel’s friend said, “You gotta come and meet this Jesus.” Jesus Himself invited Nathaniel to come and see what was going to unfold.

At the empty tomb, a group of sad women and distraught Disciples were invited to “Come and see where He lay. He is not here. He has risen as He said He would.”

It’s time. It’s time for us to share what God is doing. It’s time for us to say “Come and see!”

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