Sunday November 11 Remembering

Pastor’s Blog November 11, 2018 “Remembering”
One hundred years ago, the guns of “War to End all wars” were quiet. November 11 was once referred to as “Armistice Day” which meant the laying down of arms but did it accomplish the hopes of those who fought and died?
The hope of peace was an illusion and the Treaty of Versailles only fueled the tensions of Europe that plunged the World again into a War within twenty years.
I sound like a pacifist?
No. I am not.
I honour all those who paid the ultimate price of fighting for freedom. The sacrifice of men and women deserve honour. Millions of the youth of nations have died on foreign soil and their sacrifice makes it possible for people to protest. I am grateful. I am thankful.
What I am reminded of is the stark spiritual reality that fallen humanity cannot bring peace. Jesus said that there would be wars and rumours of wars in “the last days.”
The world of the 21st Century is very different from the world in 1945. World War II did not end the conflicts around the world….Korea, the Suez Crisis, Vietnam, Gulf Wars I and II and countless conflicts continue to rage around the globe. People protest wars and debate the concept of “a just war” because men and women fought for the concept of freedom.
My point? We need to make sure we are aware of a very different war: the war for our souls and the souls of others. Ephesians 6 tells us that the war we are to be engaged in is not against flesh and blood. It is spiritual and must be fought in “the spirit” with spiritual weapons and spiritual power. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual and divinely powerful for the destruction of our true enemy: the one who would destroy our souls.
I remember the sacrifice of Jesus and how His blood paid the price of my redemption and made it possible for me and all who would call on His name to be free: free from the penalty of sin, free from guilt, free from the sting of death.
Jesus is the only one who can bring lasting peace: the peace that passes all understanding.
I remember….

Pastor Tom

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