Sunday January 28 Storms

Pastor’s Blog January 28, 2018 “Storms.”
Unpredictable, unnerving, unwelcome…
Storms come.
What can we learn from storms?
Several times in the Gospels, the disciples encountered storms: serious storms, life threatening storms.
Where was Jesus? Did He care that they were in danger?
To further complicate the situation, in most cases Jesus actually sent them into the storm: He didn’t warn them. Why?
The disciples had seen Jesus perform many miracles. These miracles were for others. This time they were in trouble…big trouble.
Several of the disciples were fishermen by trade and training. They had grown up on that Lake. They were confident, self-reliant…until the storm was beyond them, threatening, overwhelming.
The boat was being swamped. They were out of control.
Jesus was asleep at the back of the boat.
“Don’t you care we are going to drown?” they cried, terrified.
Jesus awoke, stood up. He rebuked the winds and the waves. All was calm.
Many of us have felt we are either in the storm of our lives or we have been warned that a storm is coming. Either way, the answer is the same: remember that Jesus is in the boat with us.
I forgot that over the last year. “How did that work for me?” Need you ask?
When I remembered that Jesus was with me in the midst of the storm, everything changed. The circumstances can seem the same but the outcome is sure: Jesus cares. Jesus loves. Jesus is with me. Jesus is with you. He is with us in the storm. He will see us through the storm.
Pastor Tom

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