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Pastor’s Blog Let Earth Receive Her King December 16, 2018
Christmas music is big business. A new song, a new artist, a new version seems to be broadcast every day. The casualty? The traditional Christmas Carols. I am not igniting a debate about contemporary music being less “anointed” or that new songs are bad. My point? That the Christmas Carols handed down to us contain rich words and communicate foundational spiritual truth.
For our theme this Christmas at Sunshine Hills, we chose “Let Earth Receive Her King:” a line from Joy to the World. My assignment in the preaching rotation this week is “Let Earth…”
“Earth” is a rich word with a lot of add-ons: the environment, our lack of stewardship of the earth, spaceship earth, “mother earth,” a return to simpler times. All of these and more are rooted in the Fall of man recorded in Genesis 3. Romans 8:22 tells us “the whole creation has been groaning as the pains of childbirth right up to the present times.”
How did we go from “And God saw that it was very good” (Genesis 1:31) to the mess we now see? The answer is “the Fall”: man’s disobedience (sin) changed everything. Creation itself changed. The “rulership” of this earth/world passed from mankind, the original stewards of the earth to Lucifer whom the New Testament refers to as “the god/ruler of this world. As a shout out to pop culture, picture The Lion King and how when Mufasa was king, the land prospered and when the evil Scar gained the throne by evil, the land languished.
God’s answer to the Fall is the Incarnation: God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, who became Flesh and lived with us. Jesus, God’s sinless son became the perfect sacrifice that paid the redemption price for “whosoever believes.”
The Incarnation is “the Return of the King” to regain what was lost. Heaven invaded earth to liberate the earth: light shone in the darkness and the darkness could not comprehend or overcome it.
To quote from Joy to the World, “No more let sin and sorrow reign, nor thorns infest the ground. He comes to make His blessings flow…far as the curse is found.”
Jesus, God’s response to a fallen world. Jesus, God’s gift of love to redeem His creation

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