Sunday April 22 Who is your financial advisor part 2

Pastor’s Blog April 22, 2018 “Who is Your Financial Advisor Part Two”
Ignorance: a word that has changed meaning over the last years. Once upon a time, it meant not knowing something and not that a person was somehow stupid.
Ignorance: one of the greatest impediments to growing in our Christian faith and spiritual maturity. So many people argue about what they think God has said or what Christianity is all about but not from an informed position. Before rejecting something, we need to make sure we know what we are rejecting. Starting from the position of “I don’t know” opens new possibitiies.
This applies to tithing and giving.
“Tithing is part of the Law and Jesus did away with the Law” some say. Not accurate. Tithing existed before Moses as a principle acknowledged and practiced by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and others before Moses. Tithing (and giving) is a principle and a principle is more binding than a commandment. Commandments rest on legalities: principles rest on convictions. The former is external. The latter is internal.
Once I have embraced the principle, I don’t have to make the decision every paycheck as to whether I will give.
At the root, giving flies in the face of self-reliance. Will I trust in my own strength and abilities or will I trust that God’s Word is true and that when I put Him first in my finances, He promised to meet my needs and cause the increase.
As I said last week, too often the message of tithing and giving is about money and not about people and how we can partner together with God by returning back to Him what is His and believing that the 90% will go farther than if we keep the 100%.
I encourage you to check your baggage at the door. Before rejecting any spiritual truth, see what God really has to say.
You may be surprised by what you learn…and you may be surprised how God will work on your behalf.
Pastor Tom

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