Sunday April 15 Who’s your financial advisor?

Pastor’s Blog April 15, 2018 “Who’s Your Financial Advisor?”
To quote a friend “Money makes people funny.”
So true.
Money is not evil: the love of money is. Paul identifies this misplaced love as the root of all sorts of evil. A wise person understands this and guards their heart and actions.
So who has your ear when it comes to financial advice?
I am grateful for people who help me make financial decisions as I am now in my 60’s. So how can I, how can we distinguish good counsel from bad?
Many would be surprised at how much the Bible has to say about financial management. It does not instruct us in what investments to make or where to put our money. What the Bible does is establish principles that can guide us in making the specific decisions.
Jesus had much to say about the management of our resources. My text for the start of this series is “For where your treasure is, there is your heart also” (Jesus Christ).
Too often, the message from the front of the church is about money and not about people. “Give more!” “We need people to tithe!” “God wants you to be rich!” “God wants you to be rich in the spirit but poor in this life.” The messages are very confusing at best.
So what are we to do? God doesn’t need anything. He does, however, desire our hearts and how we manage money reveals much about its place in our lives.
God has a plan for your life and His good news includes direction on how to manage (steward) your finances. Are you, am I open to God’s direction and financial plan?
What is this plan?
Join me over the next few weeks as we allow God’s Word, the Bible, to inform us of how to be faithful trustees of what God has placed in our hands.
Remember, God owns it all. He has released His resources so that our needs (not our wants) are covered and that we understand the partnership between Him and us to see His work move forward.
To coin a phrase from my childhood, “When Jesus speaks, I listen!” (Sorry EF Hutton).

Pastor Tom

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