Sunday April 1 Easter Sunday. Believing is Seeing.

Pastor’s Blog Easter 2018 “Believing is seeing.”
Thomas the doubter…
I think Thomas has gotten a bad rap down through the ages. For me, he merely vocalized what many of us feel often. “Unless I see it, I won’t believe it.” Sir Walter Scott penned this, “There is more faith in an honest doubt than most people acknowledge.”
The portrait we see of Thomas as painted in the Gospel accounts shows him to be a deep thinker and an even deeper feeler. He saw Jesus die. What he saw with his physical eyes and his human experience informed his statement to the disciples when they shared excitedly that Jesus was alive and that they has seen Him in their midst.
For Thomas and for most of us, seeing is believing.
But Christianity doesn’t work like that.
Jesus, in His love and care, did reveal Himself to Thomas and will reveal Himself to all the Thomases .
Jesus will not always reveal Himself in the way we think or expect.
In the Kingdom of God, “believing is seeing.”
That is the essence of faith: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.”
Thomas struggled with believing first because of his humanity, his emotional state, his lack of understanding the grander vision and who know what more clouded his spiritual vision. Too often, I see myself in his shoes and not just because I share his name (Thomas).
I cling to the encouragement and direction of Jesus to Thomas and all of us: “Blessed are those who believe without seeing…”
Counterintuitive? Yes and no. Believing first then seeing opens our spiritual eyes to see.
That’s what Easter is all about. The story makes no sense or is impossible to the human experience that will not open the eyes of their hearts. But to those who believe first, the “heavenlies” are open to them.
That includes you! That includes me.
Happy Easter!

Pastor Tom

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