Who We Are

Our ministry aims to meet human needs through loving relationships by using the resources with which God has entrusted us.

It’s an intentional way to be God’s hands and feet, and to walk with others through the many trials of life. Our goal is to provide comfort and encouragement for those experiencing loss, to provide prayer, support and fellowship to those who are ill or grieving, and to be of practical help where possible.

Our vision is to help the hurting; visit the lonely, sick, or broken-hearted; celebrate new beginnings; provide practical help; and reach those living in difficult circumstances.

What We Do

The Giving Tree

In December, the Care Ministry facilitates a Giving Tree program to offer tangible support to those who are in need during the Christmas Season. We take referrals from within the church and neighbouring community and assist families and individuals who are struggling are experiencing difficult times.

Contact Us

Care Team Leader Theresa Cledomin

Email: the.cledomins@gmail.com