Here at Sunshine Hills Church we have a group of leaders who serve in the role of an elder. Our elders watch over the spiritual health of the church, serve as advisors to the pastoral staff, help in setting direction for the church, and care for the church body through prayer and encouragement.
We believe that an elder is someone who demonstrates spiritual and personal maturity, and shows a heart for people and a commitment to our local church body. They are not appointed or elected but are recognized by the people of our church as already functioning in this place of spiritual leadership.
Currently serving in the role of elder at Sunshine Hills:

Tom and Lottie Gardner

Tom and Lottie serve as pastors at our church as well as sitting on the Eldership.

Danny and Erica Jones

Danny and Erica sit as Elders here at Sunshine Hills Church as well as leading our vibrant youth group. Danny Jones also is on staff as an assisting pastor.

Don and Tamara Osborne

Don and Tamara serve faithfully as Elders here at Sunshine Hills Church.

Todd and Lori Nelson

Todd and Lori serve faithfully as Elders here at Sunshine Hills Church.