The Council serves the congregation, its members are ratified and their primary function is to oversee the fiscal and physical aspects of our church, (very similar to the Deacons of Acts 6:1ff.). The Council meets monthly to review the finances and serve as a ways and means to facilitate the ministry here at Sunshine Hills. This provides an important level of accountability and stewardship for our local church.

Tom Gardner

Senior Pastor Tom Gardner is responsible for all aspects of the operation of Sunshine Hills and the other members of the Pastoral Staff report directly to him. His role is to provide clear and compelling spiritual leadership and oversight to Sunshine Hills Church by discerning the will of God through...

Sharon Bulger

Sharon Bulger serves as our Church Council Chair.

Tara Tetzel

Tara Tetzel serves as the Director of Hilltop Christian Childcare Center. Our childcare center is a vital ministry of Sunshine Hills Church that runs throughout the week. Tara works tirelessly to ensure that Hilltop continues to provide quality care to every child that registers. Tara also sits on our Church...

Stephen Lukose

Stephen Lukose serves as our Treasurer.

Danny Hunt

Communications Director Danny Hunt oversees the production, graphics, and branding of Sunshine Hills Church as well as overseeing our vibrant Young Adult ministries. He coordinates our stage design and lighting and creates the visual presentations that can be seen on a Sunday morning or throughout the week online or on...

Shannon Hunt

Shannon Hunt serves faithfully as one of our ratified members of Church Council.

Kevin Amboe

Kevin Amboe serves as one of our members of Church Council.

Matthew Ho

Matthew Ho serves as a member of our Church Council.

Rosemary Turmel

Rosemary Turmel serves as one of our Church Council members.

Cam Conway

Cam serves faithfully as a member of council.