Sunday Sept 17 The Church:A Caring Community

Pastor’s Blog September 17, 2017 “The Church: a caring community”

In a world that is more connected in so many ways, internet, Facebook, cell phones, in many ways we are more disconnected than ever. Growing up, I knew just about everyone for blocks in the quaint little town of Dover, Ohio. Moving to the cosmopolitan city of greater Vancouver 43 years ago was quite a shock. Houses had fences and long commutes and busyness built walls of isolation. Driving around at night, the glow of the “blue eyed monster” (aka the TV) could be seen as people spent by a stressful day vegging out, often aimlessly surfing channels: watching everything but paying attention to nothing.
Then there is the church. Jesus’ plan is for His church to be a community of love and care. “By this will all men know that you are My disciples by your love for one another.” I cannot speak for other churches, but I can speak for the faith community in our church. The desire to love and care is there but sometimes I/we fall short.
We have a group of people who are now doing something: our CARE team. They meet and plan and are putting things in place. Great. Wonderful. Here’s the catch: they cannot possibly meet all the needs or even be aware of all the needs. That’s where the Body comes in. What if we all saw ourselves as “the Care Team?”
It is both simple and hard.
Jesus said that those who give a cup of cold water to someone in need will not miss their reward: eternal and immediate as the giver sees the impact on the receiver.
Jesus charged us to “love as He loves.” A tall order but a simple as making the next loving step…getting out of our bubbles of isolation and “doing what Jesus would do.”
I’m in…how about you?

Pastor Tom

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