Sunday October 22 The Presence of God and Entering His Rest

Pastor’s Blog: The Presence of God and Entering His Rest
Relax…take a break…go on a holiday.
Rest or lack thereof is a hot topic in a world of unrest and turmoil.
In pursuit of rest by “getting away” we find that a temporary reprieve from our labor and busyness does not bring lasting peace. Even in the midst of a holiday, although pleasant and enjoyable, thoughts of what we left behind press in on us. And, even more disturbing, we discover that wherever we go, there we are.
What does that mean? It points to the truth of our study: rest is not external or physical. God has a rest that transcends our present circumstances and pressures. God’s rest is spiritual.
As we conclude our series “If you presence goes not with us, let us not go up from here” (Exodus 33:15), we see that Moses responded to God promise to go with them and give them rest (Exodus 33:14).
What does this promised rest look like?
This rest comes only from one source: God. And coming into this rest can only be realized by being in His Presence on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis: both easy and difficult but possible.
This rest can be cultivated. This rest can be lost or forgotten.
The spiritual giants of both the Old and New Testament understood the possibility and importance of entering into this rest. We can too…. “He leads us into green pastures…besides still waters…restores our souls…” All we have to do is follow His Presence.
Pastor Tom

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