Sunday October 15 In The Presence Of A Holy God

Pastor’s Blog October 15, 2017 “In the presence of a Holy God”
Is God a “wallflower” at your life’s part? You know, the One who sits all by Himself waiting for someone to engage? Where the analogy breaks down is God is not shy nor does He have a damaged self-esteem. He is often sitting alone because, well, He is waiting you; He is waiting for me to be aware that He is there. He is a “perfect Gentleman.” He will not intrude where He is not welcome.
In our series “If Your Presence Goes Not With Us…” I want to explore beyond the reality that God is with us…always: whether we acknowledge Him or not. The failure to see Him is our issue.
The question? Why is acknowledging His presence so important? A related question is what happens when we are with Him?
First, we are changed in the presence of a Holy God. We become like those we hang out with: their thought processes, their actions and reactions either good or not so good. When we hang out with God, we see Him as He is. We experience Him first hand and not via a book or another person who “knows Him.” We can have a close personal relationship with Him. We come to know Him for ourselves.
Secondly, we come to know who we are. The light of His love shines in the dark spaces to reveal where we need to change in our transformation of becoming like Him. The good news is that we are not alone in the massive clean-up and internal renovation and restoration.
Thirdly, as we see God more clearly, and come to know ourselves more accurately, we can see others better. Instead of being critical, we see them through God’s eyes and from His perspective. Broken people act like broken people. Like children who need guidance and sheep who need a Shepherd, we become “God with skin” and touch His lost world with His love.
I encourage us all to hang out with God. The party is so much more interesting!
Pastor Tom

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