Sunday November 5 Into The Marketplace

Pastor’s Blog November 5, 2017 “Into the Marketplace.”
Christians have their own lingo. It occurred to me this morning that the “moniker” for our next series here at Sunshine Hills Church is an example. What on earth does “into the marketplace” mean to the average Christian, let alone to people who don’t speak Christianese?
Is it an invitation to go shopping?
What marketplace? Lonsdale Quay? Grandville Island?
Why would we want to go there? What do we need to purchase?
You get the picture.
Into to the marketplace when understood provides a wonderful challenge and holds great promise of changed lives. Jesus told His disciples to stay in Jerusalem until the promise of His Holy Spirit was poured out. Message: we can’t reach our world in our own strength or abilities. The coming of the Holy Spirit in this new way Jesus promised was and is all about being authentic witnesses to the Gospel, the Good News… that Jesus is the answer to all of life’s questions: why am I here, how do I deal with the weight of my guilt and shame?
The Gospel is always the Good News: if it isn’t Good News, it is not the Gospel.
The Disciples streamed out of the Upper Room and into the marketplace. And so should we. The marketplace, the Roman Forum or the Greek Agora, served as the center of life for the cities of the First Century: a place of commerce but so much more. The marketplace was the place where people gathered to “do life.” The marketplace is going where the people are: going to them and not waiting for them to come to us.
In the month of November, we will be hearing from three generations about what evangelism means and looks like: I start this morning by reminding us that our responsibility is to go and share, followed by Danny Hunt (our millennial) and then Pastor Danny Jones as our youth pastor representing GenX.
Church is not an activity or a place to go. Church is a people who have a message…a message of hope and purpose.
Why wouldn’t we want to share this promise of transformation with a world desperately in need of Good News?

Pastor Tom

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