Sunday March 26 On purpose: Called or Driven.

Pastor’s Blog March 26, 2017 “On purpose: Called or Driven.”
Called or driven?
Language is a tricky thing. Driven is a part of our culture. Living as a called person is not. A few years ago, Nissan built their advertisement campaign on “We are driven.” People ask “what drives you?” which is another way of saying “what motives you?” Good question.
In the second message in our current series “On Purpose,” we look at the significant difference between being driven or called. I follow this important distinction from one of the most influential books I have read by Gordon MacDonald, Ordering Your Private World.
A person can be driven by many things: significance, power, recognition, money, etc. In my schema, driven represents human endeavor to succeed and is most often measured by externals.
King Saul provides a clear and very sad picture of a driven person. He started out great…as a called person. He didn’t want to be king and in fact hid from the responsibility. His early years were auspicious. Then something changed. He went from serving God and Israel to serving himself. Needless to say, he did not finish well and became enslaved to uncontrolled anger and distance from the God who called him.
John the Baptist represents the “called person.” The scripture that summarizes John’s life can be found in John 3:30, “He must increase and I must decrease.” John understood that it wasn’t about him. His identity was not found in power or position but in loving service.
A called person knows who they are and who they are not.
Are you, am I living as a called person or have I been seduced by the dark side of being driven?
The answer is found within. I encourage us all to seek the answer for this question and the answer will bring life or …

Pastor Tom

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