Sunday June 25 I want to be the woman at the well

Pastor’s Blog June 25, 2017 “I want to be the woman at the well”
I love when a story that I have read and heard countless times takes on new life. That’s what happened for me this week in seeing the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well (found in John 4) in a whole new and might I add exciting light.
The story provides a gold mine of insight into the heart of Jesus (and therefore the Father). That’s where I usually go in my devotional writing. But then, I began to take a close look at the woman herself. I know this sound rather odd, but I want to be like that woman.
She was inquisitive. She asked questions.
She was open. She was willing to set aside her preconceived ideas and notions of what she thought she knew.
She was a seeker of truth. She wanted to understand what Jesus was communicating to her. And, just like Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” And it did for that woman.
She became a Christ follower. Her acceptance of truth changed the whole trajectory of her life. The Bible does not provide any additional or follow up information other than what we read, but her testimony, “Come and here a Man who told me everything about myself. Could He be the Messiah?” Her following actions reflect her inward change.
She was a connector. She did not keep this Good News to herself. She openly shared with her social network about her encounter with Jesus. John records that many came to know Jesus as a result of her witness.
I want to be like her in all of these ways. I want to ask questions, be open, seek truth, share what Jesus has done for me with my social network.
How about you?

Pastor Tom

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