Sunday April 9 All Things New…A New Way to Relate to God

  • Pastor’s Blog April 9, 2017 “All Things New…A New way to Relate to God”
    Who doesn’t like new things, new adventures, new challenges? (I may have gone too far there). 
    As I have grown chronologically older, something wonderful is taking place: I see things from a different perspective at 60 than I could at 20. I see things from a new vantage point. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks?
    Well, this Easter at the church I dearly love, our theme is “All things new.” The very title evokes a different response. That’s what happened as I prayerfully considered my message for this weekend.
    The easiest and most obvious place for a pastor to go is the “Let’s learn about the power of praise.” That’s good but….
    Then it dawned on me: Jesus declared a new way to relate to God. This new way was, well, new. And new can be uncomfortable and different and even disappointing.
    Many that day got caught up in the hoopla of the Hallelujahs. “Here comes our promised Messiah that will do what we want: free us from the hated Romans.”
    Jesus had a different plan, a brand, spanking new way…a living way (Hebrews 10:19-22). That new way transcended animal sacrifices and religious trappings. That new way was that everyone, and I mean “whosoever,” could come into a personal relationship with the God of glory, the Author of Life, the Abba/Daddy God who loves us and wants to be with us.
    That relationship is made possible by the new and living way: Jesus paid the price of our sin by His death on the cross and made it possible for all our sins to be forgiven.
    Now that’s an exciting “new.”
    Pastor Tom

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