Sunday May 7 A Heart of Worship

Pastor’s Blog: “A Heart of Worship…the series” May 7, 2017
Music is powerful and very personal. What touches one person and ministers to them at a deep level often does not move another. Music, however, is not worship: music is but one expression of worship.
Worship is very personal. No wrong way exists in the expression of worship if the worshipper has the correct focus: God. It’s not about us. It’s all about Him.
When worship becomes about me, it loses its power. When worship becomes an event or activity, the heart of worship gets lost.
Jesus had much to say about worship. The most pointed teaching came at a Samaritan well after a physically exhausting ministry tour. Jesus made a simple request of a now famous but unnamed woman. “Will you give me a drink?” Never one to miss an opportunity, Jesus used this very ordinary exchange to teach the woman and anyone who would listen about the nature of true worship (John 4:1-39).
Jesus said that the Father seeks those who would worship Him in spirit and truth. The reason? God is spirit and those who would offer true worship must worship spirit to Spirit.
Worship is personal. Worship transcends our human condition. Worship connects us with a loving Father who promises to meet our ever need.
We talk about worship. We are encouraged to worship. The question is do we really understand it? Or even more penetrating, have we lost focus? A look at worship will be our series over the next weeks. I invite you to join me on this quest to come back to a heart of worship.
Join me in this prayer: “Oh Lord, teach me what it means to worship You in spirit and truth.”
Pastor Tom​

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