Sunday May 12 A Heart of Worship: Music

Pastor’s Blog May 12, 2017 “A Heart of Worship: Music
For many, “worship” has become synonymous with “music.” Our vocabulary is “let’s worship” which means let’s connect with God through music. Music is an important expression of worship but the use of music being worship limits the fullest expression of worship being a lifestyle: not an activity or event.
Don’t get me wrong. I love music. Few things can touch the heart like music. Music has the power to lift the spirit, to excite, to calm, and to tap our emotions. Whether music is sacred or secular, it has power.
So, to remind us that music is an expression of worship but not the extent of worship, here at Sunshine Hills Church we say, “We are going to worship the Lord through music,” “We are going to worship the Lord with our tithes and offerings,” and “We are going to worship the Lord through the proclamation of the Word.” You get the picture. We are to worship God in all we do: when the church gathers and when we are in the marketplace.
As a word of balance, worship through music plays an important role in the worship of both the Old and New Testaments:
• Music was an integral part of the spiritual life of the Early Churches (Ephesians 5:18-20)
• Music was an integral part of the spiritual life of Israel (2 Samuel 6:14-15)
• Music was and is an integral part of spiritual warfare (2 Chronicles 20:20-21).
Music can also be divisive. Music is personal. Let’s make sure we know the difference between spiritual, style and substance. Instead of saying “I didn’t like the worship (read music)” the question we should be asking is “Was God pleased with my worship this morning.”
Pastor Tom

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